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Capture Windows Phone 7 Screenshot | How to
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How to Take Screenshots on Windows Phone 7 using Screen Capturer

At the initial stage, you couldn’t capture screenshots from your Android or Windows Phone 7. So a new Ice Cream Sandwich get released to assist users to capture screenshot and now it was made in-built. However, if you holds Windows Phone 7 and want to try the screen capture simply grab the Screen Capturer app directly from XDA Forum member.

The Screen Capturer app enables capturing a screenshot using your camera button. Once you installed the app on your device it can easily capture your devices into single images screenshots but how just using the camera button. Below you can the details about the steps to capture screenshot.

How to capture Windows Phone 7 screenshot:

  • At first you need to click Start Capture Task to start capturing.
  • Just wait for a while until a message comes to you that let you know start capturing.
  • After that locate to any app and touch camera button to start capture the screen.
  • You can see a message box display capturing is successfully done, at a time you can capture up to 20 images.
  • Once the Capture Task ends, a Toast show up to save the captured image, just tap the Toast to return to application.
  • You can see the thumbnail list will display and the captured images will stored in Pictures Hub.
  • Now, Tap the thumbnail will delete the temporary image file in the application folder.

You can get more details on XDA Forum site click here.

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