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Buy Linc Writing pens and stationery Products Online
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Buy Linc Writing pens and stationery Products Online

Linc, one of the best writing instruments firm has launched its own online store so that the users can buy Link writing pens or buy Linc pens online. The tagline of Link is ” Linc pen lo kismat badlo “. The Linc online shopping services initially available in Kolkata only and it will be soon available all over India.

Linc Pen Online

The buyers who always wish to buy pens for their kids or to gift a pen to someone special they can order Linc pens online at Linc online store officelinc.com. Not only you can buy Linc pens online but also can buy Linc stationary from the online shopping site.

At the initial stage the company teh company offering only few products but latter it updated you can see all the products their. Now only you can said that the site is under development. The company offering online payment and also cash on delivery system.

People giving first priority to education in India.  An educated person must know the value of a pen. That’s why it is said that “A pen is mightier than a sword”. You can al;so buy Link pens from many other online stores like snapdeal, indiaplaza, flipkart and many other.

The Business Development Executive, Linc Pen, Rohit Deepak Jalan, said, “We realised that companies/consumers spend time online on researching for gift products and prefer dealing online. Linc provides this opportunity, through Office Linc, to shop for not only pens but also stationery through its online platform. The format will be like the Office Linc store, only that the model has been shifted to a digital platform. The payment can be done online and will also have the cash on delivery convenience.”

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