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BSNL Announced The New STVs Pack For Prepaid Mobile Users
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BSNL Announced The New STVs Pack For Prepaid Mobile Users

BSNL recently announced the new Special Tariff Vouchers for all the prepaid mobile users on local on net call and reduced call facility on two BSNL numbers under 2G & 3G prepaid mobile services from 29th January, 2013 onwards. BSNL has revised the 2G/3G Prepaid Tariff under GSM Mobile Service in view of rationalization.

Well the new STV of Local On Net Call allows the client to make all local on net call at just 1 paise per second and 49 paise per minute. Isn’t it a good deal made by BSNL for user to use. For more details see below images.


On the contrary, the new Reduced Call Facility STVs lets the user to reduce the call charges for two BSNL numbers at 30 paise per minute with just Rs.15 for a month and Rs.41 for 3 months with Local/STD On net call charges at 1paise/sec and Offnet at 1.2 paise/sec and also Rs.13 for 30 days and Rs.29 for 3 months for Local On net call charges at 50 paise per minute and Offnet at 60 paise per minute with a reduction of call charges for 2 BSNL numbers at 30ps/min.

STV for Reduced Call Facility on Two BSNL numbers

STV for Reduced Call

The above STVs mentioned above is for Jammu & Kashmir circle. For other circle price may vary upto Rs. 5 or less from according to the circle considering the local market condition, TRAI guidelines. Hope BSNL STVs will be in effect from 29th January 2013.

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