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Best TechiBuzz articles of 2012
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Some of the best TechiBuzz articles of 2012

This post is all about some best articles of in 2012. The year 2012 is going to end after 2 days. The new year 2013 brings all new to everyone’s life but what we miss that is the moments of 2012 which gone not come again. So to remember the year 2012 here I am going to discuss some best articles of 2012. We all editors published many articles in 2012 but few of them are best articles. The best of best TechiBuzz articles 2012 are given below.

Techibuzz Best Articles 2012

Best Android Smartphones of 2012

In the article Top 10 Best Android smartphones we discussed some of the best Android smartphones of 2012. You can find more than 10 Android smartphones in this article. There are so many smartphones released in his year but we discussed only few in this article from the companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC and Motorola. The best Android smartphones are Samsung Galaxy S plus, Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, HTC Wildfire S, HTC One V, HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16i, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V MT11i, Motorola Defy Plus, LG Optimus Black P970, LG Optimus Sol E730, Huawei Ideos X3 and Huawei Ideos X5 Pro.

Worlds Top 10 Expensive Phones

What a collection this is. This article is all about worlds top 10 expensive phones. Although not everyone can buy this but you must have to give a look to those phones. These are really the expensive phones I have ever seen in my life. The phones are made up of with gold, diamond, crystal and many more expensive materials.

Educational Websites for Kids

Education is most necessary for everyone. Without education life is meaningless. We are always active to educate our kids and the parents role is most important to educate kids. To offer best education to kids the developers developed different educational websites. By following those websites you can also offer your kids best education. In this article  educational websites for kids you can give best education to your kids via internet. So before going to school and also in school you can trained and guided your kids with these websites.

Top 10 Antivirus Softwares Secure PC 2012

We always looking for the best antivirus software or internet security software. As we know the antivirus software or internet security software protect our PC from virus attacks, internet threats etc. The antivirus software companies provides the best antivirus software to the IT industry and for all users. This is why the antivirus programs are most popular softwares. In this article we discussed some best Antivirus Softwares Secure PC 2012 so that you can choose the best antivirus for your PC.

Top 5 PC Mistakes

In this topic top 5 PC mistakes our editor Jyoti well known as Zero1 discussed about the mistakes people do with their PC. The PC users have all kind of problems but some of the problems can be solved by themselves very easily. Sometimes our PC running very slow due to some mistakes done by us. So to correct these simple mistakes you have to take some easy actions on it. We also having some common errors that could be hurting your PC’s performance. If you follows this article then you can take action to prevent some common PC mistakes.

Office Softwares for Windows & Linux

This article headline is not similar as mentioned above. The headline of this article is MS Office alternatives for Windows & Linux. This article is best for the Windows and Linus users those who are using Office in their Windows and Linux PC. This topic told you not only you can use Office on your PC but you can also use some alternatives to do the same work. Here our editor Lucky discussed some Office alternatives such as Apache OpenOffice, Calligra Suite, LibreOffice, Kingsoft Office, SoftMaker Office, GnomeOffice and IBM Lotus Symphony. These MS Office alternatives also comes with good features.

Top 5 Best TVs from IFA 2012

This article is all about top 5 best TVs from IFA 2012. These top 5 OLED and LED 3D TVs made their debut at IFA 2012 Berlin. At IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, there are numerous designs of TVs showcased at the event. These 5 best TVs stands out for their uniqueness in terms of technology and design. The top 5 TVs from IFA 2012 are LG 55EM9600 OLED TV, Sony XBR 4K TV, Samsung ES9500 OLED TV, Sharp LC-90LE745U TV and Loewe Reference ID.

PSY  “Gangnam Style” Dance Original Video

The PSY Gangnam Style is the most popular video in 2012. The video wounded most of the people around world. The Korean Pop Musician’s “Gangnam Style” is one time the most popular video on After posted the original video of “Gangnam Style” by PSY on YouTube its popularity has reached new heights along with the number views. In the video, PSY is seen dancing in horse-riding style which is very comical to watch. In this article you can watch original PSY  “Gangnam Style” Dance. PSY Gangnam Style records the most viewed Youtube video ever.

Top 5 Alarm Clock Apps For Android Smartphones

In this article you can find top 5 alarm clock apps for Android smartphones. To get reminded about some important schedules or to get up early we need an alarm that shall remind us on time about our schedule. So if you are an Android smartphone user and searching for latest or unique alarm clock apps then just read this article from the above link.

Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps For Android, Apple and Blackberry Smartphones

Health is wealth and without good health anyone can not give best effort to their work. In this topic our editor discussed top 5 health & fitness apps. The top 5 health & fitness apps for Android, Apple and Blackberry smartphones let you know how to maintain your fitness. Fitness has its own priority in our life. These apps shall track down your progress so that you can maintain your Fitness to an optimal level.

Send Free Text Messages to Any Mobile Providers in India

The New Year is coming so send free messages to your friends free to wish happy new year. We always like to send free messages. Sending messages free is a unique idea. In holidays and festive seasons the mobile providers offering free SMS packs. Using this festival or holiday recharge offer the mobile users can send free SMSs to their friends and relatives. But now you can send free SMSs to any mobile providers in India via internet. You can send free text messages to any mobile providers in India from your PC. Sending free messages to mobile from PC in India is a very easy task. Just follow this article to send messages to any mobile providers in India free.

Top 10 Holiday Shopping for Windows Phone

In this article top 10 holiday shopping for Windows Phone 8, 7 and 7.5 apps you can know the best sites which offering great deals and discounts in holiday season. After installing the apps you can purchase products directly from your Windows phone. In holidays the online shopping sites offering big discount on every purchase therefore the costumers always wish to buy products online in the holiday time. In this article you can get idea about how to purchase goods or buy products online from your Windows phone.

Special Travel Packages for New Year & Christmas

People always wish to travel in holidays. During this period people have sufficient time for traveling with their family members or friends. After Christmas this is the time to celebrate new year. In this new year travel companies offers special discount on every trip. The companies offering special Holiday packages for New year and Christmas at discount rates and pocket friendly offers. Just travel around world using this special travel packages for New Year & Christmas.

Top 5 Freelance Websites to Make Money Online

Making money online is a unique idea. Most of the people around world earn money online. Still now many people confuse about how to make money online. Sitting at their home people can earn money online. This article let you know how to make money online. Our editor discussed top 5 Freelance websites that every Freelancer should join in to make money online. With using your PC with internet you can easily make money online.

Best live chat softwares to promote eCommerce business

This is one of the best article that helps you to promote your eCommerce business. The people those who make money online must have proper guidance. Not all the people have enough idea to start an online business. If someone get started then he/she do not have sufficient idea to earn enough money online. So to promote eCommerce business this article helps you most. In this article you can find some live chat softwares to promote eCommerce business.

A Software to Plan about all your Financial Plans

What you think after reading the above headline, yes that’s true a software can plan about all your Financial plans. This software is known as Quickens helps to focus on managing the debit and show an accurate picture of money transaction. It is an Accountant software which offers basic accounting packages that are held in High regards by Small Business Owners, Independent Accountants & tax Professionals and Sole Proprietors. The software shows your personal and business finance all in one place and categorizes the expenses as business or personal. It also show the flow chart of your profit & loss and helps you to track all of your income and expenses in one place. Just read this article here.

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