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Before Aakash 2 Another Low Cost Tablet is Here
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Before Aakash 2 Another Low Cost Tablet is Here

After getting one low cost tablet in their hand most of the people in India still waiting for another low cost tablet. Not all people get the 1st Aakash tablet, the low cost Android tablet in India. The company unable to provide tablets to all who are waiting for. Only few of them get this. Now the company planned to launch another low price tablet known as Aakash 2. Looking towards its popularity many companies planned to bring cheap tablet for Indian market.

Due to some problem the company did not provide more numbers of Aakash Android tablet. Before the Aakash 2 another low cost tablet introduced to Indian market known as Attitude Daksha. Attitude Daksha, has been launched in Kerala by Telmoco Development for Rs 5,399. The Attitude Daksha price is much higher than the Aakash tablet. Attitude Daksha is not the similar kind of tablet as like Aakash tablet. It added more features as compare to the Aakash tablet.

The tablet will initially be shipped to schools, professional institutions, and corporate houses. The Attitude Daksha is an Android tablet features 7-inch capacitive touch screen display. The tablet is powered by an 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. The full specifications of this tablet is available here. The Attitude Daksha will be available to the public from May 15 this year.

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