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Is the Battery Improved with introduction of iPhone OS 5.1?
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Is the Battery life Improved with the introduction of iPhone OS 5.1?

On the occasion of the release of iPhone OS 5.1, we have decided to launch a survey to ask our crew members of our techibuzz community if they had, indeed, found the old problem of improvements in battery life of mobile devices from Apple. After almost a week now is the time to take stock and to give a definitive answer to this question.

After someday i am back now with some interesting results for the question “Is the battery improved with the introduction of iPhone OS 5.1?” After going for the results I am saying all of you that these results are only given from our subscribers and technical experts. The results of the survey, we would like to use this article to thank everyone who participated, not only through our official Facebook page, Twitter page and Google+ page but also through the comments, providing additional information that has been very valuable to try to understand what were the reasons behind the answers given. So lets carry on with our interesting Results below.

This survey, which asked “Have you found any improvements in the battery of your iPhone after the upgrade to ios 5.1?”, Recorded 519 responses in total, divided into four possible answers:

  • Yes, the battery is significantly improved (34.49% of votes);
  • Yes, but the improvements are not yet satisfactory (24.28%);
  • No, I have no improvement (37.38%);
  • Dunno, I’ve noticed (3.85%).

Based on these data and from our technical experts side I can see that the answer that has collected the highest number of votes is on the third: 194 users, in fact, said that they had not seen any improvement in battery life of their device, following the update to new firmware. The first choice – “the battery is greatly improved” – has recorded an almost similar amount of responses (179), demonstrating that, indeed, the views on this subject are very conflicting.
Between these two extremes, there are some who – after upgrading to iPhone OS 5.1 – found small improvements, not able to solve a problem, obviously, is at the heart of almost all the owners of the iPhone. So much so that, only, 20 users have not verified or paid attention to the battery status of their devices after the release of new version of IOS.
From this I came with a strong Conclusion that, Despite the wide disparity of views on the subject, it seems that the majority has seen improvements – thanks to iPhone OS 5.1 – the iPhone battery. Obviously, the survey will remain open in the coming days, for those who wish to express their opinion, follow these links @facebook, @twitter.

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