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Play Angry Baba 3D Action Game On iOS 4.1 For Free
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Play Angry Baba 3D Action Game On iOS 4.1 For Free

As you all know how Angry Birds becomes more popular within a short period of time all because of angryness upon the opponents. Well copying to Angry Birds a variety of alternative games have been launched for playback. Similar here also we are going to share another game related to Angry mode game. Play Angry Baba 3D action game on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch free.

Angry Baba

Grab this app from iTunes Store free to play on Apple iDevices. Well it is an action game with an exciting game. Strike all the flying objects, meteorite, UFO, missile, space worm and waste. You will never be bored with five unique characters. Characters become more powerful with skill and item upgrade system.

While playing Angry Baba action game try to score to earn points through quests that are completed easily as you play. Acquire as much as AP coins through various game events adding more excitement to your gaming experience. In this game flying objects will collide with pelicans, space rays and AP dummies and drop AP.

After five and six times of precise batting an event will be created in which you can fly away the moon, Saturn and space ray. So download this Angry Baba 3D action based game from the iTunes Store and start playing games on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch absolutely free.

Download Angry Baba for iOS

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