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Amd Hondo and Samara for Windows tablet 8
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AMD turns to the field of tablet to compete with the enemy of all time, Intel has already arranged to go straight to his goal. The Sunnyvale company has plans AMD Hondo and Samara, the APU T-Series Tablet.

It is no secret that Intel is already at work for some time to equip a number of tablet with its Intel Atom. The area of ​​the tablet, so booming, it also becomes a battlefield between the two rival chipmaker. AMD, in fact, is trying to catch up, developing an innovative platform designed specifically for the tablet. AMD Hondo, this is probably the code name chosen by the colossus of Sunnyvale, was founded with the idea of ​​using digital tablets on an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) belonging to the famous family of Fusion products.

The reference platform for this APU is Brazos T-series. Honda Integra dual core x86 architecture-based Bobcat-64 and provided with a single channel DDR3 memory controller as well as a section of PCI Express. Among the strengths of AMD’s new proposal there would be no consumer should be very interesting. There is talk of a value less than 2 W even considering any dual-core solutions. The TDP estimates should not be greater than 4.5 W.

The library support DirectX11 graphics, also constitutes a real added value, especially in multimedia and gaming. As Clover Trail, Hondo will also AMD dual-chip solution in which a portion of circuitry (Hudson Mt2 chipset) will offer video connections, SATA and USB, and consumes about 1W. Both the chipset that the APU will be built using 40-nanometer production process. The information in our possession, the first practical realizations of AMD Hondo will be available starting next month of December.

The market entry is expected in the second quarter of 2012 to coincide with the arrival of Windows that Microsoft will earn 8 with market positions compared to the dominant Apple and Google. The next year will be AMD’s time to Samara. In this case the information available is quite modest. According to rumors, the APU will focus on further reducing fuel consumption and on increasing the power of the integrated graphics component.

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