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Airtel MiFi in India Available Soon
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Bharti Airtel to Launch MiFi Devices

Bharti Airtel brings latest technology in India Airtel MiFi. The company talks with Chinese OEMs to bring MiFi devices. The mifi devices will help people in India to access 4G services from their 3G smartphones on the move. Now if you think what is MiFi then let you clear that MiFi is a compact and portable wireless router acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It combines the functions of modem, router and access point that keeps you connected to the internet on the go.

Recently Airtel launched 4G Wireless Service in India. So now it is another step forward towards new technology. After this announcement of Airtel MiFi in India most of the people give their interest towards 4G. The Airtel MiFi is a small wireless device easy to carry and can help you hook on to a 4G network through the wifi feature in your 3G phone. So you have to wait a few to enjoy 4G on 3G phone easily with Airtel MiFi. The Airtel Mifi price and exact release date is not announced yet.

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