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Unlimited Facebook Messenger Usage Plan from Reliance - Plan & Activation Details
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Reliance Introduces New Unlimited Facebook Messenger Plan

Reliance Communications, one of the leading Telecos in India, has introduced a new “Facebook Messenger Plan” that is offering unlimited Facebook usage including messenger. This new plan is available in all Reliance circles across the country.

Reliance Facebook Messenger Plan

This new Reliance Unlimited Facebook Messenger Plan offers unlimited Facebook usage at Rs.16 per month without paying any extra data usage charges. This new plan also offers unlimited usage of the new Facebook Messenger service, where to create a new account, an user only requires his/her name and phone number to sign up. This new messenger service allows the User to send messages to those contact numbers in their Phone Contacts instantly. Download this Facebook Messenger App for Android, iOS and BlackBerry at fb.me/msgr.

This new unlimited Facebook usage plan from Reliance, Facebook Messenger Plan comes with a validity of 30 Days, with auto renewal feature, i.e if the User doesn’t Unsubscribes to this app then it shall automatically get renewed every 30 Days. The Reliance Facebook Messenger Plan can be activated or subscribed by sending a SMS “FB” to 53739 from your Mobile Phones. Also checkout Reliance Global offering 40% Discount on Unlimited Call Plans to Land Phones and Mobile Phones in India and 25 other Countries.

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