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2D TO 3D
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2D TO 3D

Computer graphics are graphics is used to represent the image data by a computer specifically with help from specialized graphic hardware and software.




2D means two dimensional. It consists of two axis x and y. 2D graphics models may combine geometric models, digital images, text to be typeset, mathematical functions and equations, and more. There are different types of transformations are used for 2D . Transformation means to modify and to manipulate the two-dimensional geometric transformations .



3D means three dimensional . In this case we use three axis x ,y and z axix. Here in 3D we also use different types of transformations by which we can modify and manipulate the image.

In 2D TO 3D conversion we create an imaginary axis in 2D in which z axix is present. In 2D to 3D conversion it adds an additional feature called disparity depth cue to digital images. In 3D we get a great picture quality. Many more times the people are choosing 3D picture rather than 2D. We are having some algorithms for this conversion of 2D to 3D. For converting into 2D TO 3D it needs more powerful processing. Here we modify the color motion and edge of the image. It also checks foreground color and background color .Here we change each part of the image according to 3D effect.


2D to 3D video converter is also known as 2D to stereo 3D conversion and stereo conversion.

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