Women are still tortured for giving birth to baby girls

A mother giving birth a girl child

Really, Women are still tortured for producing baby girls. People feel sweets if it’s a boy but people faces hang when a girl is born. There was recently an incident occurred which is a serious example that how a women is tortured. Related posts: Girl’s education : A way of development It is also desirable […]

Unemployment problem: Socio economic problem

Unemployment problem

One of the burning socio-economic problems is unemployment problem. Today India facing a major problem is unemployment problem. The problem is increasing quickly. Unemployment is a serious problem. Unemployment is closely associated with the problem of poverty. Unemployment refers to a situation in which worker is not getting job in the exiting wage rage. Related […]

Science researches shows Indian food tastes so delicious

Indian food tastes so delicious

Indian food tastes is so delicious that is showing by science researches. Some data shows scientists have done some delicious number. Science researches shows that in Western culture most of food ingredients contain similar flavor compounds. But in India, the ingredients rarely share flavor compounds. Related posts: Taste food shown on your Computers We can […]

Indian youth voices fight against corruption

Fight against corruption

Indian youth voices against corruption: Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Corruption is a problem for all economies. Corruption is now a current challenge of India. Corruption has many names and takes many different forms. In order to get treatment at hospital, to having passing exam grades, to getting jobs etc everyone […]

Important female hormones: Progesterone, Estrogen and Relaxin

female hormones

 Ovaries secretes important female hormones: Ovaries are primary reproductive organs of female. The paired ovaries lie in lower or pelvic region of abdominal cavity. Ovaries are mainly concerned with production of ova. The ovaries maintain the health of the female reproductive system. The site for production of female hormone is ovaries. Ovaries secretes three female […]

What is cancer? What causes of cancer


Introduction to cancer: Cancer is a non-communicable disease. Cancer are characterized by uncontrolled growth and division of cell. Cancer  causes major of death all over the world.In India millions of people suffer from this disease and large number of them dies annually. It is estimated that 9% of world population die every year due to cancer. […]

Population explosion: A major problem of India

population explosion

population explosion in India: Population Explosion means sudden and rapid rise in the size of Population. Today, world’s No.1 problem is population explosion.  Population explosion is not only a problem of India; it has reached all over the world, especially in the poorer countries.India is second largest populous country in the world. Related posts: Unemployment […]

Girl’s education : A way of development

Girls education

It is also desirable for each person to receive education whether boy or girl. Education is empowerment for girls. Girl’s education is highly necessary to society. Girls are the real architects of society. The person who cannot read or write can be easily cheated. Girl’s education is a way of development. Related posts: Women are […]

Precious Gift of Nature: Save water and Save life

Precious gift of nature water

Water is known to everyone in world . Water is universal solvent. Water is important natural resource. Water is most essential material for existence life existence. In our country, main water source is rain. It is essential for healthy living and for healthy environment. It is a vital necessity for everybody. Every drop of water is precious. […]

Books are best true companion of life

Image of a book

Books are no doubt our best friend, guide; philosopher, teacher etc. Book is also called Store house knowledge. Books are best true companion of life. Books are food youth, delight of old age, ornament of property and comfort of adversity. Books educate, inspire and entertain . Source of information is book. Related posts: Google Play […]